Treatment Services


Traditional acupuncture, Japanese-style, as Dr. Negri has been performing since 1978. We use painlessly thin disposable Japanese needles.



Electro Acutherapy


Stimulation of the acupuncture points without needles by a minute electric current. Use of specific frequencies makes it possible to “steer” the treatment to the affected body parts, often more effectively than with needle acupuncture.

Natural Medicines

Natural Medicines

Natural MedicinesBotanical (herbal), mineral, or organic extracts, both traditional and recently formulated, may be prescribed to complement the hands-on treatments.

Dietary Treatment

The use of foods as “medicines” is a concept common to Eastern approaches to health. According to your health problems, some foods may be important to emphasize and others to avoid. This approach to diet makes use of the fact that a food that is healthy for one person may not be for another.

Manual TherapiesManual Therapies

Methods such as point-pressure, massage, joint mobilizations, soft-tissue manipulations such as myofascial release, and re-education of neuromuscular functions by positioning and guided movement may be used for problems of a musculoskeletal nature.   Since becoming certified in Bowen Therapy in 2009, Dr. Negri has used this gentle method increasingly in cases of pain and finds that it often out-performs acupuncture.


homeo Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicines may be prescribed as part of  your treatment plan. Dr. Negri is a trained and nationally certified homeopath and entitled to use the initials “C.C.H.” after his name. He has practiced Homeopathic Medicine since 1980 as a specialty. There is a small but growing number of doctors trained in both Oriental and Homeopathic medicines.