Dr. Negri’s Unique Methods

With three decades of acupuncture experience behind him, Dr. Negri developed a totally new method of stimulating acupuncture points with even greater effect. Those who don’t want needle acupuncture can be treated effectively with this method without needles. Even small children enjoy it.

First, Dr. Negri chooses the specific points to be treated. Instead of inserting needles, he places a small dab of liquid herbal/mineral formula (chosen according to your condition) onto the skin over the points. Then a mild electric current is used to stimulate the skin. This current is carried into the points more strongly because the formula conducts electricity. Also, the electric current helps drive in the ingredients, creating a kind of “injection” of the herbal/mineral formula without breaking the skin.

It is common among some practitioners to inject medicinal substances into the acupuncture points to stimulate them. Dr. Negri’s new method has the benefits of both traditional acupuncture and point-injection, without using any kind of needle.

When simple point stimulation needs to be done, he will often use a combination of a small long wave infrared beam, coupled with a magnetic field. This team-up quickly activates the acupuncture points without needles in a fraction of the time needed for traditional acupuncture. No one needs to shy away from acupuncture ever again!