Diagnostic Services

OMDs and NMDs still make use of the most traditional methods of assessing bodily functions such as physical examination, pulse and tongue analysis, and palpation, although today they add standard blood work, urinalysis, radiographic imaging, etc. to their arsenal of techniques.

Dr. Negri makes extensive use of electronic assessment of the points and meridians, as is done in the most modern acupuncture hospitals and clinics. Electro-Dermal Screening, a European analyzing method, is used in our office to test for traces of low-level contaminants, residuals of old infections, or food sensitivities, which might contribute to ill-health.

Zing TestZinc Tally
The most deficient mineral in the American diet is without doubt, Zinc. Zinc is an essential co-factor of the immune system and the sexual organs. Many patients today show signs of Zinc insufficiency. This simple test will instantly determine your Zinc status.
Fee: free of charge

Alkaline Buffer TestAlkaline Buffer Challenge Test
This saliva pH test helps us to detect deep levels of physical and mental stress. When highly stressed, the body becomes acidic, which in turn displaces valuable alkaline minerals. Thus, this is an excellent screening for mineral deficiency.
Fee: $12

Adrenal Stress Urine TestAdrenal Stress Urine Test
This is a specialized urine test that measures the amount of chloride displaced into your urine. Excess chloride in the urine is a reliable measurement of adrenal stress or adrenal fatigue. Adrenal stress is now a major health challenge of the American population.
Fee: $25

Vitamin C Urine TestVitamin C Urine Test
Vitamin C is crucial to the health of the immune system, vascular and connective tissue, and is a powerful anti-oxidant. Recent research has also placed Vitamin C in the category of an anti-cancer nutrient. Our urine test will accurately determine your Vitamin C status – how well your body is holding onto its supplies of Vitamin C.
Fee: $25

Calcium Urine TestCalcium Urine Test
Calcium is an essential mineral for many cellular functions, as well as for healthy bone development. With this urine test we can accurately determine whether your calcium level is adequate, low, or even too high.
Fee: $25

Oxidata Urine TestOxidata™ Urine Test
This Oxidata™ Urine Test is 50 times more accurate than blood serum free radical tests. Free radical damage can lead to cell degeneration, initiating a host of diseases such as fatigue, allergies, arthritis, lupus, elevated cholesterol, and degenerative heart disease.
Fee: $35

Malabsorbtion Urine TestMalabsorption Urine Test
This urine test allows us to screen you for the presence of harmful anaerobic bacteria and bowel dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is a toxic condition caused by a decline in the population of beneficial digestive bacteria. This can lead to malabsorption, digestive disturbances, allergies, and inflammatory symptoms.
Fee: $25

Chem Panel Urine TestChem Panel Urine Test
This is a urine test that measures 13 separate urine categories. We use this test to screen you for serious health problems including infections, tissue degeneration, liver disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.
Fee: $11

Blood Type TestBlood Type Test
Most people simply do not know their blood type and most doctors do not routinely test for it. This is an extremely important test for developing the diet that is genetically ideal for you.
Fee: $20

Total Sugars Urine TestTotal Sugars Urine Test
Used to assess sugar metabolism and find glucogenic or ketogenic patterns, important in preventing hypoglycemia from becoming diabetes.
Fee: $2

Nitrites Urine Test
Used to check for markers of cardiovascular disease, allergy, and liver toxicity.
Fee: $20

Meridian Balancing Test / Treatment
This modern version of traditional acupuncturists’ “Seasonal Balancing” treatment takes electrical readings from the various energetic pathways (meridians) in the body that lead to the internal organs. By reducing the charge in the ones that are overactive, and increasing the charge in the ones that are deficient, a meridian balancing occurs. Our long-time patients come at each change of season for this treatment and all agree that it keeps them healthier through the coming months. Excellent for spotting early signs of dysfunction, before symptoms develop.
Fee: $65