Comprehensive Plan


New Patients, or established patients with a new problem:

A functional medicine approach

$275 for initial visit

  • Physical examination
  • Complete biochemical (biological terrain) testing ($192 value), including:
  • Bieler alkaline buffer test
  • Zinc tally
  • Iosol absorption test
  • Koenigsberg test for adrenal function
  • Sulkowich test for calcium levels
  • Obermeyer test for leaky gut
  • Vitamin C test
  • Blood typing
  • Metabolic typing
  • Written report of findings with comprehensive treatment plan
  • Neo-eclectic medicine compounded for your individual health needs
  • At-home procedures to enhance your progress
  • Individualized dietary guidelines based on multiple factors (constitutional, metabolic, blood type, endocrine dominance)
  • Follow-up diagnostic work at intervals to measure progress

Monthly 20-minute follow-up consults are likely needed for the first few months. It may be possible to do them online after treatment has begun.

Supplements / medicines as part of your comprehensive treatment plan will be mailed to you regularly while you are in active treatment.

Chronic illnesses grow over a long period of time and require a proportionate length of time to overcome. Medicines may be switched or deleted from time to time as you progress.


  • Three or more chronic health problems
  • Multiple systems involved (vascular, immune, skin, etc.)
  • Degenerative diseases (diabetes, osteoarthritis, kidney disease, etc.)
  • Anxiety, etc.

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