Treatment of Arthritis and Other Disorders

Our protocols have been very effective in a number of painful disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), gout, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, polymyalgia rheumatica, and Reiter’s syndrome. The success of the treatment plan depends on its careful tailoring to the individual. Factors affecting that success include age, general health (and other health problems), and the length of time one has had the problem. There is no “off the shelf” treatment for everyone with a particular problem.

For this reason, your diagnosis is of little value. It is not your arthritis that is being treated, but you. When you improve, the condition improves. There is no “miracle cure” for arthritis or other illnesses. But many, many people have gone into remission when the right combination of factors was addressed.

Each case is analyzed at the start for the individual factors that contribute to that person’s pain and joint problems. These are systematically corrected by detoxification, neutralizing low-level infections, increasing uptake of nutrients, etc. The end results of your problem—pain, stiffness, swelling—are reversed with weekly direct treatments.  A series of these treatments is necessary to change the affected tissues.  While many types of therapists treat two or three times a week in the beginning, we use special methods that develop their action over a week’s time; therefore, it is not usually necessary to come more than once a week.  A treatment typically lasts 45 minutes.  To see a diagram that explains the treatment process, click here.

Some of the hands-on therapies that we use you have probably never heard of, and there are others you may have actually tried in the past. Bear in mind that even though you may have had (for example) acupuncture, electrotherapy, phototherapy, hydrotherapy, hyperthermia, Bowen Therapy, ultrasound, or short wave diathermy in the past, it is the unique way we apply them that makes them most effective. Over the last forty years, Dr. Negri has disposed of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and dozens of methods that did not live up to their potential. Only those techniques and materials that have been reliable remain in his repertoire.

Follow-up testing is done at intervals so that objective measurement of your progress can be made. A decrease in pain, stiffness, and fatigue is not enough. Being able to get along without your previous drugs is not enough. People nearly always feel subjectively better when beginning some new program. We want to see that measurable factors are actually changing in your body, and that our treatment plan is truly effective. As a rough estimate, 70-75% of our patients see a significant improvement in the first one or two months after beginning their protocols. 85% are pain-free a few months beyond that. We have to admit that about 15% respond only minimally, even if they faithfully follow the protocol. But, of course, no method is 100% effective in any field.

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Download Arthritis and its Effective TreatmentWe are certain that you have tried many products and procedures, both within conventional medicine and without; swallowed vitamins and herbal teas, and put various gizmos on your body without much real improvement. It is frustrating, expensive, and disheartening. The sad truth is that many “alternative” methods fail to completely address your problems, and orthodox medicine does nothing to change the underlying causes.

Don’t keep suffering. Others have become well. Why not you?

Watch this 15-minute video with Dr. Negri explaining how he developed his approach to arthritis: