In answer to the question I am often asked: Who taught you all this stuff?

I am deeply indebted and grateful to:

Yoshimitsu Shinryo, who started me on this quest and who taught me the most important things first, as it turns out;

Dr. Harry Miller who restored my eyesight and propelled me into a career I never thought of;

Dr. (now Sir) Charles H. McWilliams for much of my early education in progressive medicine;

Dr. J. Murl Johnston, my preceptor, seasoned Homeopath and expert in physical medicine;

Dr. George Noden, who turned over his Homeopathic pharmacy to me on his retirement;

Dr. H.J. Bost, whose knowledge of drugless methods was always inspiring;

Dr. N.M. Abbe, who taught me electro-therapy and chromotherapy, and was a substitute father;

Dr. Ernest F. Shearer, who renewed my interest in diathermy and taught me much about the running of an efficient Naturopathic clinic;

Dr. Toshio Sasaki, a master of physical medicine and a darn good acupuncturist (even though he doesn’t think so);

Dr. Shudo Aoyagi, a famous master of Oriental medicine who took the time to tutor a struggling American nobody.

Dr. Kametaro Tadashima, an amazing acupuncturist who could accurately read your blood pressure with his fingers.  And….oh yes, he was blind.